Where Maps End (Rainbow Danger Club)

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General information

Where Maps End
Artist Rainbow Danger Club
English title Where Maps End
Publisher Self released
Date of release 2011
Release Type Digital
Languages on Record English
This is a record which could be a CD, LP, tape, digital netdownload or any other kind of collection of music. For a more precise definition, see Category:Records.


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Performed by Rainbow Danger Club

Nature sounds used by permission from jetcityorange.com

Mixed and Produced by Dennis Ming Nichols

Mastered by Adam Gaensler

Track Listing

  1. Invocation 00:54
  2. Live on in Photographs 仍活在照片里 04:30
  3. Drown the Creatures 淹死动物 04:49
  4. Lego Sunrise 乐高的日出 05:27
  5. Neighbors on the Rooftops 屋顶上的邻居 05:05
  6. Victoria and the Whales 维多利亚和鲸鱼 02:19
  7. To Where the Maps End 去地图的尽头 06:59
  8. Passages 01:35
  9. Cloud City Welcomes You 云之城欢迎您 01:50
  10. Enduring Love 无尽忍爱 04:01
  11. We Can be Friends 我们能成为朋友 04:16
  12. Moon Song 月亮歌 03:16
  13. The Drunken Captain and the Firefly 醉船长与萤火虫 02:23
  14. Battleships 战船 04:23
  15. Babies Grow on Trees 结在树上的婴儿 09:17


  • CNNGo.com (c) Zack Smith 17 March, 2011

The band took a creative route for the cover art, launching a design contest with the help of NeochaEDGE.

“'Where Maps End' is a collection of songs cut from an imaginary world," says Munson of the new album. "A lot of stories inhabit this place. The world at that time hadn’t been figured out, anything was possible, and so it’s an attractive place in that way.”

A wide range of themes and motifs inhabit this musical landscape in the new 'Where Maps End,' including sailing to the end of the earth, the past in its relation to the present and future, and love and its relationship to death.

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  • Layabozi (c) MARCH 31ST, 2011 BY MACHE

Where Maps End is a story in chapters, a play-album, an adventure story of abstract travels around unknown lands and among dark characters. Throughout the album lyrics are the ocean, and music is the ship. Sounds cover a vast chart of colors and textures, and tempos establish the atmosphere of each discovered land across the trip. The use of drama on Where Maps Ends reminds me of Genesis in Peter Gabriel’s hands, or David Bowie in his trippy moments with Ziggy Stardust and Major Tom, though the harmonies are closer to Yes, and sometimes they recall pieces of The Beatles too, plus a certain psychedelic vibe that can remind you of Pink Floyd if you’d like it to. There are lots of chances to find similarities between Where Maps End and any of the classics of progressive rock, though the absence of grandiloquent symphonies prevents the confirmation that this is the land where the music of Rainbow Danger Club lives, but anyway it’s a helpful reference to explain in words Where Maps End.

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  • Woozy (c) 编辑: fanmu 日期: 2011年03月22日

我们已经多次提到过上海4个老外组成的乐队 Rainbow Danger Club。上周五,他们在现场酒吧进行了他们首张正式专辑《Where Maps End》的发布演出,并现场给观众赠送了专辑实体版。我也在隔天从Pairs的F那里拿到了一张。


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  • Beijingdaze (c) MARCH 31, 2011

The cool cover was designed through a NeoCha contest and rocks… it’s quite befitting the album’s grandiose imagery and articulate song titles like “The Drunken Captain & The Firefly” or “To Where the Map Ends”… looking at the concept made me realize how much i miss physical concept album… There’s something magic about holding a well designed/thought cover with great art and liner notes.

I’m not sure how to describe the songs on this particular one… the first words that come to mind are: beautifully structured. I’m not a fan of the indie label in general which RDC gets tagged with and this record is also beyond that generic label. I like it, I really do.

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  • Come pick me up (c) March 26th 2011

Wow. Shanghai’s Rainbow Danger Club is turning a multitude of heads over in China, and seems like only a matter of very limited time before the buzz starts making it’s way West.

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