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Music 7 Studio & Guitar Shop (旋转七天, Xuan Zhuan Qi Tian)


Dongcheng District, Gulou/Jiaodaokou Area

This is a small but very fine studio, Raging Mob just recorded their debut album there with high end equipments such as Engl PreAmps and div. high end effectors available from the shop! The small rehearsal room is the studio in the same time. And the young producer Xiao Fan is a very cool guy who definitely knows what he does. If you want to produce a demo, this is one of the best choices in Beijing! It's in the same street where M.A.O. Live House is. The gear list below seems to be a little old because they really have some decent equipments there.

   * Guitar Amp: Fender, Peavy band112, also Laney and sometimes even Engl available!
   * Bass Amp: Bassman 100
   * Pearl Drums
   * Shure Microphones 

Price: 20 RMB / Hour

add.: Bejing, Dongcheng Dist., Gulou DongDaJie Jia 20 北京市鼓楼东大街甲28号

Phone: 010-84043614

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