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is a Rock artist in Beijing, originally from Beijing.

General information about


Muma 2010

Chinese Name 木玛 & Third Party / Mù mǎ& Third Party
Genre Rock
Origin / Present city Beijing / Beijing
Founded in 1998
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Band members

Vocal/Guitar - Muma (木玛)

Guitar: Guan Wei (关伟)

Bass: Gao Yufeng (高宇峰)

Drum: Mico (刘为 Liu Wei)

Former band members

Bass - Cao Cao (曹操), Drums - Hu Hu (胡湖), Keyboard - Feng Lei (冯雷)
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Muma new b.jpg

July 1998, Formed in Beijing with its original members MUMA RUN as the vocal and guitar, Cao Cao as the bass and Hu Hu, the drums. The name "Muma" means: Dark Horse (as on children's playgrounds).

Oct 1998, Gave their debut gig in Howl Bar in Beijing, and kept being active at pubs all over Beijing

Dec 1998, Contracted by Badhead Records,which is famous for releasing rock n' roll music

June1999, The first single "A Room Without Sound" was included in the collection "Modern Sky 3"

Oct 1999, The single "Dancing Steps" was included in the "Modern Sky Audio Magazine vol 4"

Dec 1999, Released the first album "MUMA",with its striking somber style this album made the band one the most influential bands in China at that time.

Apr 2000, Participated in Shenyang Rock Music Festival

May 2000, Began the first live house tour over china,toured cities like Beijing, Xiamen, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi, Wuhan, Changsha

Oct 2000, Participated in the first Midi Music Festival in Beijing

Nov 2000, Visited Lasa in Tibet for a ten-day tour show, and gave a gig in Chengdu.

Jan 2001, The Programme "Unusual China" of Hongkong Phonix TV Station gave some humorous awards to some Chinese bands, Muma was awarded "The Most Somber Band of The year"

May 2001, Choosing MUMA as the only representative of Chinese rock music,Italy National TV station gave the band an interview at their rehearsing room

June 2001, Feng Lei,a graduate of China University of Political Science and Law joined the band as the keyboard,making their music and live shows much more colorful and expressive

Mar 2002, Contracted by Modern Sky Records

Oct 2002, Participated the 2nd Midi Music Festival

Dec 2002, Started a four-city mini tour, visiting Xi'an, Chengdu, Chongqing and Nanjing

Apr 2003, The first EP "Yellow Star" was released by Modern Sky Records

June 2003, Began their 3rd live house tour over China, visiting over 30 cities,including Nanjing, suzhou, hangzhou, shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen, changsha, wuhan, shijiazhuang, nanchang, qingdao, xi'an, chengdu, chongqing, xichang, lanzhou

Aug 2003, The EP "Yellow Star" was released officially in Taiwan by Taiwan Rock Record, on the request of fans The album "MUMA" was re-released by Shanghai Audio & Video Publishing House

Oct 2003, Participated in the 3rd Midi Music Festival

Oct 31st 2003, Participated in Guangzhou New Year Rock Festival, performed together with other famous Chinese rock artists like Cui Jian and Wang Lei.


October 3rd 2004
Muma, Beijing, Midi Music Festival 2004, photo (c) User:Azchael

Mar 2004, Awarded "The Best Rock Band of The Year" by Pepsi Music Awards, the band was the first alternative band to win a mainstream music award in China

May 2004, Participated in Chaoyang Park Music Festival

June 2004, Nominated for 5 awards in the 4th Chinese Music Media Awards, including "The Best Rock Artist", "The Best Rock Band", "New Music Award", "Ten Best Chinese Albums", "Ten Best Chinese Songs"

July 2004, Awarded "The Best Rock Band of The Year" and "The Best Chinese Albums of The Year" by the 4th Chinese Music Media Awards, MUMA undoubtedly became the most widely concerned rock band of the year

July 2004, Recorded the revolutionary song "As We Marching On The Road" on the request of Sweden Music Radio Station

Sep 2004, Performed as the grand finale on the big concert organized by Beijing Art and Literature Radio Station

Oct 2004, Released the third album "Jelly Empire"

Oct 3rd 2004, Participated the 4th Midi Music Festival

Nov 2004, Li Yuan replaced Hu hu as the drums, and Wang Yuqi (also the guitar of Second-hand Rose) joined as the guitar


Jan 7th 2005, Gave a warming-up show for the world-famous garage band The International Noise Conspiracy in Beijing

Jan 13th 2005, Gave a charity performance for the victims of the southeast Asian tsunami at Candy Club, performed together with other famous chinese rock artists Cui Jian and Tang Dynasty

Mar 13th 2005, Recorded "MUMA" TV live show on the invitation of The Travel Channel for the programme "Pioneer Night"

Mar 20th 2005, Nominated for "The Best Rock Band", "The Best Album" and "The Best Single" in Pepsi Music Awards 2004

Mar 26th 2005, Participated the "Midi Music Festival" DVD releasing news conference at 13 Club, the single "Dancing Steps" was included

Apr 2005, Became the cover story of the magazine "Men's Health April 2005"

May 2005, Nominated for "The Best Rock Band" in the 5th Chinese Music Media Awards

May 2005, Performed as a guest band in the ceremony of the 5th Chinese Music Media Awards , together with other famous rock artists like TatMing, Dou Wei and Wang Lei

In October 2005, they performed during the Midi Music Festival 2005.

2006 - 2009

After that, a new line up occured and the band has been renamed to Muma & Third Party, they participated on the Chaoyang Pop Festival 2006 in September, head lining the Snow Mountain Festival 2007 in October and the Chongqing Modern Music Festival 2007 in December -- a new album was release the same year Velvet Highway (Muma & Third Party).

At the beginning of 2008, the band wend onto a south / west China tour, after a live show in Beijing Starlive in May the touring wend on to south east regions in July, ending up on the main stage of Midi Music Festival 2007 in October.

August 9th 2009, they performed during the InMusic Festival 2009 on the Zhangbei Grasslands on the Main Stage.


On May 3rd, 2010, they performed at the Strawberry Music Festival 2010. According to Beijing Gig Guide: Muma & Third Party, which was an incred­i­ble expe­ri­ence even for three songs. Muma is an intense per­former, which the crowd absolutely loved, and the music is a great take on some clas­sic rock tra­di­tions. It was enthu­si­as­tic and pas­sion­ate with­out being all over the place, despite Muma’s appar­ent break­downs and rebel­lions. A lot of bands could learn, I think, from a per­former like Muma.[1] On May 4th, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.


August 3rd 2011
Muma & Third Party, Yugong Yishan, photo (c) Beijing Gig Guide

On August 3rd, 2011, they performed as support act for British Sea Power in the Yugong Yishan. According to Beijing Gig Guide:

Their music is the best kind of dark rock, heavy and gothic with­out being com­pletely oppres­sive, and I enjoyed it immensely. One thing that did con­fuse me was that there were back­ing vocals and extra instru­ments for which there was no expla­na­tion, and dur­ing the set I thought it was a bit taste­less that he use a back­ing track rather than get a full band, but I was relieved to find out after­wards that there was a guy behind the mix­ing table mak­ing all these sounds hap­pen. I can only assume that his pres­ence on stage with his com­puter would have ruined the aes­thetic of the per­for­mance, and while that’s prob­a­bly true, they could have just stuck him in the cor­ner, not invis­i­ble behind the mix­ing table. Any­way, I thor­oughly enjoyed myself, and his forty minute set was exactly as long as I wanted it to be.[2]

On December 21st, 2011, they performed at the Yugong Yishan. According to Beijing Daze:

The band is all grown up, wiser and quite dark… The voice still sets the tone for everything else around but now, the music follows and matches. it tiptoeing a line between industrial and gothic sounds, very much along the lines of NIN and Joy Division… heck, i might be able to argue if i cared enough that that particular wednesday, MTP did Joy Division better than Joy Division on some songs. The concert lasted almost 2 hours with the band going through some classics. I especially liked the reworked, more organic version of “feifei run” that had the audience singing aloud along. It worked amazingly well with Muma on vocals and Guan Wei (who’s not bad) on acoustic guitar, I mean that’s the Muma I love, making use of his most powerful instrument: his voice! and make no mistake, that voice is freaking good! Not to mention his style is just as intense as ever…[3]

Participated Festivals

Appearances in Press/Books

  • Mentioned as "Yaogun band to watch" in the Insider's Guide to Beijing 2007.

Albums and Singles

June1999, The first single "A Room Without Sound" was included in the collection "Modern Sky 3"

Oct 1999, The single "Dancing Steps" was included in the "Modern Sky Audio Magazine vol 4"

Dec 1999, Released the first album "MUMA" under Badhead Records

Apr 2003, The first EP "Yellow Star" was released by Modern Sky Records

Aug 2003, The EP "Yellow Star" was released officially in Taiwan by Taiwan Rock Records

The album "MUMA" was re-released by Shanghai Audio & VideoPublishing House

July 2004, Recorded the revoltionary song "As We Marching On The Road" for Sweden Music Radio Station

Oct 2004, Released the third album "Jelly Empire" under Modern Sky Records




Appearances in Podcasts

Appearances in Magazines

  • X-Music Magazine 243
  • X-Music Magazine 275
  • X-Music Magazine 287

Further Information

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