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Lidong is a folk rock artist , originally from Ningxia Province.

General information about Lidong

Lidong Band.jpg

Lidong 立东乐队

English Name Lidong
Chinese Name 立東乐队, officially written in traditional Chinese / li dong yue dui
Genre folk rock
Origin Ningxia Province
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Band members

Vocals/Guitar: Li Xia 李夏 (or Li Taisen 李泰霖)

Guitar: Wu Kejia 吴可嘉 Wu & The Side-Effects

Bass/Backing Vocals: Shi Zhenkai 师振凯

Drums: Liu Miao 刘淼 (co-founder of 2 Kolegas)

Accordion: Malika 玛丽卡 (from Canada, Xishan Laoyao)warning.pngString representation "Vocals/Guitar: … ishan Laoyao]])" is too long.

Former band members

Cellist: ???

a Chinese Folk Rock band originally from Ningxia Province (formerly know as Migratory Bird 候鸟 hou niao, now in Beijing)


Out of the ashes of Migratory Bird, the remaining band members moved from Ningxia Province to Beijing in 2006 and renamed themselves to Lidong with a musical focus onto indie folk with occationally rock elements playing in. In 2007 the cellist of the original line up went aboard, as replacement the change their music onto a set with accordionist Malika. At the end of the year, they recorded a demo named "The Begin" 《开始》 and received positive responses. In 2008 the band participated on the 2nd Chinese Folk Festival in 2 Kolegas (Vocalist Li Xia participated on the 1st Festival in 2007 as solo artist). The same year, Lidong also performed on Midi Festival. In 2009 their debut album was produced.

On May 1st, 2010, they performed at the Midi Music Festival 2010.

On June 24th, 2011, they performed at the dazeFEAST 2011 one-day festival, which took place at the 2 Kolegas in Beijing organized by Beijing Daze.According to Beijing Gig Guide[1]:

First up was Migra­tory Bird, who were a big hit. They have a great sound, a nice and mel­low sort of folk, but one that feels really dusty and earthy. They truly do have the sound of Ningxia — the wild west of China. I’ve writ­ten about them before and don’t have lots more to say. They’re always impres­sive, and you should get out to see them if you can.

Participated Festivals



The Begin (Lidong) - End 2007


Debualbum (Lidong) - 2009 ?

Festival Participants

  • 2008 2nd Chinese Folk Festival in 2 Kolegas
  • 2008 Midi Music Festival

Further Information

Official pages

Articles & Interviews


  1. Beijing Gig Guide (2011-07-07). "Gig Review: ‘dazeFEAST 2011!". Retrieved on 2011-07-09.

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